Centreless grinders and planetary tube polishers are used to grind and polish either straight or bent tube and pipe using abrasive belts. These are accurate and reliable machines for stainless steel, aluminium and chrome pipe & tube.

Centreless Machines: The workpiece rotates between a contact wheel and control wheel with an infinite amount of control over cutting speeds. The speed of the two wheels relative to each other provides the grinding action and determines the rate at which material is removed from the workpiece. Many finishes are accessible dependant on the type and grade of abrasive belt used, from very coarse right up to a bright, near mirror polish and anything in between. Also known as rotary grinding amongst other names.

Planetary tube machines: The abrasives rotate around the workpiece allowing for the bent tube to be fed through the machine by hand. This also allows for different profiles to be polished. These machines are also capable of grinding and polishing straight tube. Once again, many different finishes are possible dependant on the consumables used.

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