Fein VersaMAG Mobile Clamping System

The new FEIN VersaMAG system brings a new dimension of flexibility into the world of clamping. The powerful permanent magnet is the foundation
of the FEIN VersaMAG system. Thanks to the permanent magnet with vice, vices are no longer shackled to the workbench, but can be used precisely in those places where rapid clamping used to be a major challenge: on construction sites and in workshops, on vertical levels – and most importantly if you “just need to quickly do something”. Simple. Mobile. Flexible. And it offers the perfect solution so you no longer have to choose between a secure hold and rapid success.

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The New VersaMAG system from Fein. Clamp and hold work anywhere with a metal surface. Modular and expandable. This system will allow you to get away from the 1 handed grinding and requirement of many hands on lots of you everyday jobs.