Dust & Slurry

EC Hopkins offer a range of products for dust and slurry management. Our main brand is Husqvarna but we do offer a number of other products also. Below is what they have to say regarding dust and slurry management.

Concrete dust and slurry need to be removed from the worksite in a safe and efficient way to protect you and your team from dust exposure. With Husqvarna, you get access to guidance, knowledge and a broad, fully integrated range of highly efficient equipment for dust and slurry management, enabling you to comply with rules and regulations without compromising your productivity.

By combining our industry expertise in concrete cutting, drilling and grinding with the foremost technology in dust and slurry management, Husqvarna knows how to provide you with easy-to-use solutions that deliver continuous high efficiency over a long-time span. Handling dust and slurry more efficiently means a better way of working.

EC Hopkins offer a range of products which includes water tanks, vacuums and dust extractors along with a range of innovative new air cleaners from Husqvarna.

H Class Dust Extractors

Dust extractors are tested internationally according to three standards: Low, Medium and High. Husqvarna dust extractors meet the High-Classification standard (EN-60335-2-69), so their S11, S26, S36 and T7500 models are all H classified.

H-Classification complies with the most stringent quality levels, requiring a filtration efficiency of 99.9% distributing particle sizes of less than 1mm. Husqvarna machines have been demonstrated to achieve more than 99.95% efficiency with particle sizes of 0.3mm

The Highest international standard also requires dust-free handling.

Husqvarna’s trademarked Longopac dust collection bag system ensures that the dust does not become airborne, either during operation or when changing the bag.