Hydraulic Power Packs

EC Hopkins offer petrol, diesel and 3 phase electric hydraulic power packs (HPU’s) from Hopkins, Stanley, Hycon, Husqvarna and ICS.

As hydraulic specialists we can match the correct pack and hose combinations for your specific requirements. We pride ourselves in having a wide range of power packs available for immediate despatch to support our customers.

The smaller electric 3 phase hydraulic power units are ideal for indoor use in factories or inside buildings on alternations or renovations as there are no fumes. Some of the smaller petrol hydraulic power packs can run hoses upto 50m making them ideal for commercial dive companies or for rock drilling. The larger electric and diesel hydraulic power packs offers excellent flow and pressure in a compact package.

We supply HPU’s into a number of industries including marine, construction, utility and nuclear etc. Our hydraulic power packs have been used to power a wide range of products from hand held tools, pipe cutting and milling machines, cranes, rock drilling rigs and directional drilling rigs to name but a few.

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Stanley hydraulic power pack

To power the Stanley hydraulic tools they offer a range of hydraulic power packs that offer excellent performance, reliabilty and cooling. This makes the Stanley hydraulic power packs one of the best on the market. This ensures that you get the best performance from any tools you use powered by the Stanley hydraulic power packs.

Hopkins hydraulic power pack

Hopkins over a number of years have developed a diesel powered hydraulic power pack and a 3 phase electric powered hydraulic power pack to suit a wide range of applications. These have been use in marine applications and installed on vessels to power a range of hydraulic equipment from winches plus launch and retreval systems to hand held hydraulic underwater tools. Both these hydraulic power unts are based around a DNV style frame and offer excellent performance and reliabilty.

Hycon hydraulic power pack

The Hycon range includes small to medium petrol powered hydraulic power packs plus electric powered hydraulic power packs and there is also diesel hydraulic power packs. All these HPUs are compact and offer excellent hydraulic flow and pressure performance with reliability and are easy to use.