Vibration Pokers, Concrete Levels and Trowels

EC Hopkins offer a range of vibration pokers, concrete levels and trowels from Husqvarna Construction. Husqvarna works on three basic principles, high performance, solid design and quality components. We offer a selection of items on this website but other models are available.

Concrete vibration helps remove the air voids from concrete as it is being poured or immediately afterwards. By removing the air, the density of the concrete increases, making the concrete stronger. Depending on the depth and slump of the concrete, a high density concrete can be achieved by using an internal vibrator or a vibrating screed. Concrete levelling in most cases can usually be achieved with one or two screeding passes with a vibrating screed alone. If an already installed concrete floor is to be covered by a new concrete layer, surface vibration is an excellent method for obtaining an high level of adhesion between the two concrete constructions. Concrete surfacing takes place once the concrete reaches a plastic state, power trowels are used for floating and trowelling to remove irregularities from the screeded surface. During this process, the concrete surface is compacted and sealed which makes the floor even more durable. The intention is to obtain a smoother and more even concrete floor, and also to
reduce the concrete dust created from wear.

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