Fein GI150-GIC Abrasive Centreless Machines

Fein GI150-GIC abrasive centreless machines for tube diameters of 10-130mm.

The Fein Grit GI150 centreless machine range allows for high volume, industrial centreless grinding. The GI Range can master all “centreless grinding” tasks, such as: grinding pipe, pre-grinding for subsequent chrome-plating and polishing and grinding pipes to a perfect surface finish. It delivers outstanding surface qualities and can be flexibly adapted to various pipe diameters. Ideal for use in hand rail and plant construction. Pipe diameters from 10 – 130mm can be processed with ease. These machines allow you to work at speed whilst still delivering high-quality results. The machines can be easily re-tooled for different applications, they are also safe to use and built to last. This centreless machine offers excellent efficiency and flexibility when it comes to finishing the outside of pipes & tube

Available with either single or twin speed motors and also the option for wet use with the additional GXW coolant unit.

2 Speed Unit In Stock For Immediate Despatch

Machine has a 3 year Warranty 3 Year Warranty Fein GI150-GIC Abrasive Centreless Machines | EC Hopkins Limited

: from: £8,303.14 inc VAT
from: £5,206.80 inc VAT

Model GI150-GIC GI150-2H-GIC GI150-GIC-GXW GI150-2H-GIC-GXW
Voltage 415v 415v 415v 415v
Power 4kW 2.6 – 3.1kW 4kW 2.6 – 3.1kW
Speed Single Twin Single Twin
RPM 3000rpm 1500 – 3000rpm 3000rpm 1500 – 3000rpm
Belt Size 150x2000mm 150x2000mm 150x2000mm 150x2000mm
Weight kg 164 164 173 173


  • Range of 2 Base units allows for the perfect machine for you requirements
  • Quick retooling time, low-vibration and quiet
  • High surface quality
  • Flexible when machining pipe diameters of between 10 and 130 mm
  • Sturdy steel design
  • Optional: cooling lubricant module (GXW) for wet grinding cool surfaces, a dust-free environment and long grinding belt service life
  • For industrial centreless grinding of pipes up to 6 m long with optional pipe guide.
  • Infinitely variable feed speed from 0 to 2 m/min.

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