Specialist Cutting

EC Hopkins have been selling ICS diamond chainsaws for over 15 years and have been exclusive distributors since 2014. We have staff that eat breath and sleep these machines. If you need to cut concrete, brick, block or stone thicker than 125mm, a diamond chainsaw may well be the answer. ICS are the inventors of Diamond Chain Technology and these chainsaws can cut up to 63cm deep from one side, and create square corners with no overcut.

If you have to cut pipe made out of concrete, ductile iron, cast iron, plastic or even asbestos we have a product to suite your needs. Again, ICS diamond chainsaws are the innovators of PowerGrit which offers a safe alternative for utilities companies and water authorities to traditional pipe cutting methods. PowerGrit is now widely used throughout the UK and other countries for cutting pipe. If you are not currently using PowerGrit we can visit you and demonstrate the benefits, the same goes for the masonry cutting saws.

We are here to advise and help so whatever your jobs are or your needs may be please contact us for honest advice on the best options for you.