Sheet Metal Cutting Tools

The carefree way to nibble free from sparks and distortion with a perfect view of the work surface since the chips fall away. Even when nibbling a wide range of materials up to a thickness of 5 mm, the compact dimensions of FEIN nibblers make them versatile. You can easily change the direction in which you are working without the need for tools. The best choice for machining sheet metals, such as flat, trapezoid, corrugated sheet metals as well as profiles and pipes.

Making cutting an enjoyable task: even tight radii aren’t a problem with FEIN sheet metal shears. Efficient, precise and faultless in any position – even overhead – for quickly machining large areas. No chips whatsoever are produced, there is no loss of material and you can work at maximum speed. The perfect combination of performance and cost-effectiveness. Available in both corded and the new cordless AMPShare technology there should be one to suit all.

Chips can be tricky. Just one spiral chip is produced with FEIN slitting shears. The open cutting head also gives you an unobstructed view of the cutting line – for maximum precision and cutting quality. This means that the material is not distorted and remains free of scratches. So you get
very clean results when dividing sheet metal, profiles and pipes as cut-offs or cut-outs with little contact pressure. Cornered cuts are also possible.

Available as both corded and the New AMPShare cordless range.

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