FEIN AMPShare Cordless Tools

FEIN’s cordless world is packed full of robust technology with one major objective: to make the day-to-day work of our customers and users as simple, efficient and safe as possible. FEIN is a battery partner of AMPShare. This means that more and more FEIN products can now be operated with both AMPShare and BOSCH Professional 18V batteries from 2008. With over 85+ million batteries sold worldwide the AMPShare platform is probably one of the most used battery platforms in the world.

All tools have been designed for metal, so you know you are getting the right tool for the job.

Get a free ProCore 4.0Ah battery starter set with every 2 cordless tools purchased. Just register the tools on the Fein website with a copy of your invoice and using the code “2024FEIN02GB” and Fein will send you the battery packs direct.

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