Flap Discs

Abrasive Flap Discs have successfully taken the place of the grinding disc in many areas of surface finishing. The fan-shaped radial fitting of the abrasive cloth flaps offers a far better grinding performance compared with other abrasive products.They give high flexibility, constant high grinding performance and low-vibration running.

Flap discs are engineered for stock removal, blending and finishing all in one application. With the ability to grind like a depressed centre grinding wheel and finish like a fibre disc they help you reduce process time and lower your total grinding costs.

Recommended Uses:
Aluminium Oxide (Alox) Discs – Aluminium, Mild Steel, NF Metals and wood.
Zirconia (Zirc) Discs – Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Castings.
Ceramic Discs – Stainless Steel & Castings.

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