Breakers & Chipping Hammers

Breakers represent the most commonly used hydraulic tools in the construction industry. First and foremost, we are hydraulics experts and therefore we know our breakers and how important the power pack is to the breaker’s performance.

To that end we offer a range of products. Light weight hydraulic power pack and hydraulic breaker combinations for smaller jobs right through to heavier breakers and power packs for heavy concrete breaking or ground anchor installation. In addition we also have hydraulic chipping hammers for scabbling and lighter breaking tasks.

EC Hopkins are the exclusive UK distributor for Stanley hydraulic tools with the Stanley hydraulic breakers including the Stanley BR50, BR67 & BR87 plus CH15 Chipping Hammers having a proven track record in the construction & utilities industries.

In addition to these robust and reliable breakers EC Hopkins are also agents for the Hycon and Atlas Copco range of equipment.

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