Diamond Chainsaws

A diamond chainsaw provides the ability to make deep cuts with square corners and no overcut in reinforced concrete, concrete, brick, block and natural stone. Hydraulic, electric, and petrol diamond chainsaws with guidebar and chain lengths to give upto 63cm depth of cut.

Diamond chainsaws sometimes referred to as concrete chainsaws are widely used in general construction and the hydraulic saw is the Rolls Royce of diamond chainsaws favoured by the professional concrete cutter as well as other specialist contractors and industries.

AGP’s 110 and 240v electric saws are particularly suitable for lighter domestic jobs where no fumes while cutting plus plug and play is advantageous. The Husqvarna Prime K6500 3PH electric saw offers an excellent power to weight ratio and a 45cm depth of cut.

EC Hopkins are exclusive UK Distributors for ICS Diamond Chainsaw products and dealers for AGP and Husqvarna.

If you need to cut thick concrete, stone or brickwork or have a specialist concrete cutting job we can advise you on the best tools and options so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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