Submersible & Trash Pumps

EC Hopkins offer the complete range of submersible pumps and trash pumps from Stanley hydraulic tools. All of these products offer amazing performance for their size and weight.

The range includes three submersible pumps and two trash pumps. Benefits include, high volume output, self-priming, no suction hose, can be run dry without damage, maintenance free wear resistant parts, small and light weight with a high power to weight ratio. The pumps can handle solids of various sizes suspended in liquids, model dependant.

The trash pumps can pump a range of materials including water, sand and slurries, gravel, sludge and solids up to 4” in diameter. The TP03 and TP08 trash pumps are successfully sold into a wide range of applications, Utility, flood, disaster relief, USAR, agriculture, subsea and treasure hunting are just a few of these applications.

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