PowerGrit Utility Saws

ICS PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain is a revolutionary new product designed to change the way contractors cut water and sewage pipe. Offering a safer, faster and cheaper way of cutting ductile iron pipe and cast iron pipe, insituform pipe lining and asbestos pipe.

PowerGrit is available on the hydraulic 890 PG, the petrol 695 PG saw and the pneumatic 701A PG saw, allowing the user to choose between the desired operating platforms. The added convenience of this allows the user to interchange PowerGrit Utility chain and ICS ProFORCE Concrete Cutting Chain on the same saw, for ultimate application flexibility.

The PowerGrit chains grind away the material using diamond technology, so offers a safer method of cutting. It is also HSE approved for cutting asbestos pipe.

Benefits of PowerGrit

  • PowerGrit chain is faster, easier and safer than other methods
  • Reduced excavation time and labour to access pipe
  • No need to access bottom of pipe
  • Easier saw control, reduced operator effort during cutting
  • Improved operator safety due to access, control and reduced rotational force

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