Core Drills

EC Hopkins offer the complete range of core drilling machines from Husqvarna Construction Products from the small Husqvarna DM230 electric core drill to the DMS240 combined core drill and stand unit and the larger DM430 electric core drills.

In addition to electric and hydraulic core drill motors from Husqvarna we also offer hydraulic core drilling machines from other manufacturers such as the HCD hydraulic core drills from Hycon, the LCD hydraulic core drills from Atlas Copco and the CD10 hydraulic core drill from Spitznas. In addition to these we also have available Spitznas pneumatic core drills available.

The majority of the core drill motors we offer can be stand mounted as well as hand held. In addition to the machines we offer all of the additional items you may need for drilling such as high-quality core drill bits, anchor bolts, core drill stands, vacuums etc.

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