Fibre Discs

E C Hopkins offer a full range of fibre discs to suit a wide range of materials. With fibre discs, even the most difficult surfaces can be worked and finished with ease. High stock removal rate, long service life and optimum surface finishing are all achieved with fibre discs. You can use fibre discs for rough grinding and sanding, de-rusting metal parts, de-burring and grinding welded seams. Also suitable for precision finishing work on all types of metal. Fibre discs are available in aluminium oxide, zirconia and ceramic grades. If you need any help in deciding which is most suited to you please call.

Recommended Uses:
Aluminium Oxide (Alox) Discs – Mild Steel, NF Metals, Wood & Plastics
Zirconia (Zirc) Discs – Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Ceramic Discs – Stainless Steel

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