Underwater Drills & Hammer Drills

EC Hopkins offer a wide range of underwater drills including, pistol drills, SDS Plus and SDS Max underwater hammer drills, metal cutting rotabroach machines, diamond core drills and Stanley hammer and underwater sinker drills. Underwater core drills are available from stock for both hand-held use and rig mounted, drill stands are also available from stock. EC Hopkins offer our customers a wide range of underwater drills from manufacturers including Stanley, Spitznas, and Atlas Copco etc.

All of these drills are typically in stock and in support of the machines we stock accessories such as drill stands and a wide selection of drill bits.

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There is an underwater drill to suit whatever material you need to drill and they cover a wide range of hole sizes and depths.

The underwater hammer drill is the best option for drilling concrete, brickwork and natural stone, including hard and soft bedrock such as granite, chalk or limestone. There is a SDS plus underwater drill, a SDS Max underwater drill available from Spitznas. These typically can drill holes up to 50mm in diameter and up to a depth of approx. 1 metre.  For rock drilling there is the Stanley HD45 underwater hammer drill and the SK58 underwater sinker drill which can be used for larger diameter and deeper holes plus we also offer the Hycon HRD28X hydraulic rock drill.

For drilling holes underwater in reinforced concrete or standard concrete you can use an underwater core drill, these use diamond core bits to drill / core accurate holes from 10mm diameter all the way up to 600mm diameter. The Hopkins CD07 can be used handheld, the Hycon HCD25 and HCD50, Atlas Copco and Spitznas CD10 underwater core drills can be used handheld and in a stand.

In addition to drilling an underwater core drill can be used for taking same from materials such as concrete, rock or coral. As well as standard core bits we can supply special drilling barrels for this application making taking samples to a depth of 2 meters possible.

For drilling metal including steel, such as sheet or piles, we offer the Stanley DL07 underwater drill for smaller diameter holes or the HUW150 broaching cutter with a magnetic base for holes upto 76mm diameter and material up to 75mm thick. With modification the drilling capacity of the HUw150 can be increased to 100mm diameter.

Whilst most of the underwater drills we offer are hydraulic we do also offer pneumatic underwater drills.

Whatever your underwater drilling needs are we can offer you a solution including the drill, drill stand, drill bit or core bits as well as a power pack and hoses to complete the package.