Underwater Tools

EC Hopkins are renown worldwide for supplying underwater tools and equipment to power them. We have a wealth of knowledge in these underwater tools and their accessories and are proud to supply the UK military, as well as offshore and inshore dive companies the world over. We can advise customers on the best underwater tools for specific jobs as our experience is second to none.

In addition to the Stanley range of underwater tools we also supply underwater tools from Spitznas, Hopkins, JW Auto Marine and other manufacturers. Hydraulic underwater tools are the most powerful versions available but we do also offer pneumatic models as well giving customer a number of options.

Whatever tools you need for working underwater or in harbours or any marine environment EC Hopkins can help. We stock these tools and accessories in depth so as to be able to offer same day despatch where necessary.

Stanley underwater hydraulic tools.

Stanley have the widest range of proven underwater tools, from underwater breaker and chipping hammers to cut off saws and underwater grinders plus underwater drills, hammer drills and sinker drills. The Stanley underwater hydraulic tools are both reliable and powerful giving divers the confidence to be able to get the job done. EC Hopkins not only stock the whole range of Stanley hydraulic underwater tools but also have extensive stock of spares to ensure tools are maintained to optimum performance. Over the years we have developed a range of accessories for the Stanley hydraulic underwater tools that are perfectly matched to the tools. EC Hopkins are the number one dealer of Stanley hydraulic underwater tools with expert knowledge, stock and customer service.

Spitznas underwater hydraulic tools and underwater pneumatic tools.

Spitznas has been an innovative company for over 100 years supplying specialist pneumatic, electric and hydraulic tools. The range included underwater hydraulic tools with new products frequently being added. The range of Spitznas underwater tools includes CE approved underwater chainsaw, circular saws and underwater reciprocating saws as well as underwater grinders and drills. Spitznas have great knowledge and experience of tools for hazardous environments with many available as Atex approved models.  EC Hopkins have a wide range of the Spitznas underwater tools, accessories available from stock and can offer technical support and advise all supported by the excellent back up from the factory.

Hopkins underwater hydraulic tools.

At EC Hopkins we have developed some of our own underwater hydraulic tools where the other manufacturers had gaps in their product range. Our experience as the largest underwater tools dealer and discussions with customers lead to the creation of the GR05 underwater grinder and the PG03 underwater peanut grinder, both of which are durable and offer the performance needed for the tough environment of inland, coastal, harbour and subsea diving tasks.

Hycon underwater hydraulic tools and other underwater hydraulic tools.