HOP40B 40 Ltr Water Tank and 18v Pump Unit

This 40 ltr Water Tank and 18v Pump Unit portable water tank has a built in electric water pump.

The tank as a capacity of 40 litres and the pump delivers up to 5 litres per minute flow.

For applications requiring lower flow there is an appropriate speed setting which is 3.5 litres per minute.

The unit is powered by rechargeable 18v Li-Ion batteries located in a compartment at the back of the unit, the compartment has an additional space for a spare battery. The unit comes complete with a battery, charger and a 5 metre delivery hose.

The tank is lightweight and features wide puncture proof wheels making it easy to transport and suitable for all types of worksite conditions.

The HOP40B is for use where mains water is not readily available and is suitable for a wide range of tools including ICS PowerGrit pipe cutting saws, core drills, disc cutters, ring saws etc.

: £660.00 inc VAT
£598.80 inc VAT

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