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ICS Oregon

ICS 890PG Hydraulic PowerGrit Saw

ICS 890 PG PowerGrit hydraulic utility pipe saw. Change the way you cut pipe.

The hydrauic PowerGrit saw is a safe pipe cutting system for utility pipe cutting. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, PowerGrit will get you in and out of the job faster, easier and safer than other methods.

The ICS 890 hydraulic chain saw offers unrivalled power, low vibration, unrivalled cutting performance and no fumes. The hydraulic saw is available with 4 bar and chain lengths, 25cm (10″) , 38cm (15″), 50cm (20″), 63cm (25″) . The 890 can be used with the Pipe Clamp for added safety and accuracy of cut. The Pipe Clamp can be used on pipe diameters from 100mm (4″) to 305mm (12″).

The ICS Power Grit saws are ideal for cutting ductile and cast iron pipe with the standard PowerGrit chains.  They can also cut HDPE & PVC utility pipe and other hard materials such as Greenheart wood, when cutting these materials we recommend you use the PowerGrit XL chain with the coarser grit.

In additon the hydraulic 890PG Power Grit saw is approved by the HSE for cutting asbestos cement pipe, HSE Guidelines Cutting Asbestos Cement Pipe.  Click on the link below to go to the relevant page on the HSE website.  ASBESTOS ON HSE WEBSITE


Power Type

Hydraulic Flow lpm



  • PowerGrit chain is faster, easier and safer than other methods.
  • Reduced excavation time to access pipe
  • Reduced labor required to dig under pipe
  • Single position cutting access up to 24” (60cm) Ø pipe
  • No need to access bottom of pipe
  • Easier saw control, reduced operator effort during cutting
  • Improved operator safety due to access, control and reduced rotational force

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