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Stanley BR67 Breaker

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The Stanley BR67 breaker is the largest in the Stanley range and is used for the heaviest of breaking and for ground rod tasks.

The BR67 hydraulic breaker packs a heavy weight punch for medium and heavy-duty tasks.

The BR67 is the preferred breaker for UK Urban Search and Rescue Units where reliability and power are critical when saving lives. This breaker is also commonly used by utility companies for not only for breaking concrete and tarmac but also for installing ground anchor systems. This model of breaker has also been an industry favourite running from a single drum roller hydraulic circuit.

Like the BR50, the Stanley BR67 breaker features a Stanley Easi-Ride™ foot which when combined with anti-vibration handles and a feathering trigger makes initial tool placement simple. These features also make using this breaker easy for prolonged periods when compared to other breakers of similar power.

All of the Stanley BR breaker range is popular with a wide range of customers including utilities, road maintenance and general contractors.

£1,798.80 inc VAT

Weight 34 kg

Power Type


1-1/4" x 6-1/4" Hex

Hydraulic Flow lpm


Optimum Flow






Port Size


  • Anti-Vibration handles with large on/off trigger for precise control
  • Diaphragm accumulator provides additional blow energy and reduces recoil
  • Feathering on/off valve allows easy initial tool bit placement
  • Hydraulic oil provides lubrication of internal parts for longer service life
  • Modular design for ease of service

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