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Hycon HH35 Hydraulic Breaker

The Hycon HH35 hydraulic breaker is exceptionally strong coping with all jobs requiring extreme power . It is designed for tough jobs in hard concrete, asphalt, ramming, etc.

The HH35 breaker has an extra accumulator, which adds even more power and it hits more than twice as hard as the HH20 and outperform any other 45 kg breaker in the market – no matter if pneumatic or hydraulic. It also comes as standard with the HYCON vibration-reduced handle. It is available both as 20 and 30 l.p.m. models and used by contractors, the military, highways companies and demolition. The Hycon HH35 hydraulic breaker can be connected to the HPP-series and other hydraulic power sources. Other tool sizes are available on request.

 The standard tool size is Hex 32×160 mm.

We also can supply spares parts for the whole range of Hycon breaker as well as all the other Hycon hydraulic tool and power pack range.

£2,052.00 inc VAT

Hycon Handheld Breaker Specifications:

HH10RV HH15 HH20 HH20RV HH23 HH25 HH27 HH35
Oil Flow (l.p.m): 20 20 20 20 20/30 20/30 30 30/40
Working Pressure (bar): 100 100 110 110 120 120 130 130
Max. Pressure (bar): 160 160 160 160 160 160 160 160
Blow Frequency (1/min): 2100 1830 1560 1560 1380 1380 1260 1100/1440
Blow Energy (J): 22 40 60 60 85/95 85/95 105 130
Noise Level (dB A): 105 105 106 106 108 108 110 111
Vibration Level (m/s²): 9.6 6.6 6.8 4.8 8 9.4 10.7 10.7
Weight (kg): 9.9 19.2 22 23.9 23.4/23.5 25.3/25.8 27.4 29.4


The Hycon Handheld Hydraulic Breaker is a range of compact high-performance breakers which are capable of handling the toughest of jobs, despite their low weight. Their sturdy and compact design hits harder than any other breaker on the market with the same weight. Designed for their use with tough materials like strong concrete, asphalt and frozen ground, while being capable of much more. All Hycon Handheld Breakers ensure the comfort for the operator due to the standardized Hycon PROLINE vibration-reduced handles. The reliability and supreme build quality of the Hycon Handheld series means longer service life, under extreme working conditions.


  • Safety Trigger
  • Ergonomically designed rubber handles
  • Anti-Vibration handles comes standard for operator comfort
  • Long service life due to excellent build quality and component sealing
  • Accumulator can be serviced from the outside

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