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ICS 695XL Petrol Diamond Chainsaw

ICS 695 diamond chainsaw for deep cutting masonry, stone and concrete. This model can be fitted with the Force3 Chains or for tougher jobs the Force4 chains from ICS.

ICS are the inventors of Diamond Chainsaw Technology™ and have almost 30 years of experience. Diamond chainsaws have the unique ability of creating deep cuts with square corners with no overcut.

This ICS 695 Diamond chainsaw has the ability to make deep cuts in concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and masonry up to a maximum depth of 16″/40cm depending on the bar and chain fitted. It has an easy to start engine with high energy ignition system and durable long-life components. Available with guide bars and chains to give, 30cm, 35cm and even 40cm depths of cut from the range of ICS Force3 and Force4 diamond chains.

ICS diamond chainsaws offers deep cutting from one side with square corners and no overcuts so ideal for door or window openings & removing wall for extensions or conversions. ICS offer the best diamond chainsaw and chains having over 25 years experience in the industry and are the market leader.

The ICS 695XL diamond chainsaw is the largest of the petrol-powered saws from ICS and is ideal for frequent use. Diamond chain technology provides an economical, viable, time and labour-saving solution for most architectural and engineering needs and is ideal for use by hire/rental companies, general building and contractors, civil engineers, masonry/stone contractors, utility contractors, landscaping contractors, HVAC/electrical and plumbing engineers, concrete repair and restoration contractors, concrete sawing and drilling contractors and window installation contractors.

Given the specialist nature of diamond chainsaws if you have any questions or need further advise please email us or call and we can advise you on the best options for you.

The ICS 695 diamond chainsaw is available to purchase as a 30cm, 35cm or 40cm depth of cut package, please select from the options below.

: £2,402.40 inc VAT
£1,895.04 inc VAT

Weight 9.6 kg

Depth of Cut / Number of Segments

35cm, 40cm

Power Type

Power Output


  • Cuts reinforced concrete, masonry, block and stone
  • Cuts more than twice as deep as circular blade cut-off saws
  • Wet Cutting ONLY – No hazardous dust
  • Makes square cuts with no over-cuts, thereby maintaining structural integrity
  • Can plunge cut very small openings
  • Cuts through walls from one side. No need to match up cuts on both sides of the wall

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