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ICS 814Pro Hydraulic Diamond Chainsaw

The ICS 814PRO diamond chainsaw is the smaller hydraulic saw of the two in the ICS range and has the ability to cut up to 33cm deep in concrete, masonry and stone.

The ICS 814PRO is compact but still powerful so it is ideal for use on smaller jobs as it is more manoeuvrable than the larger ICS 890F4 hydraulic saw. The 814 can be fitted with the whole range of ICS Force3 diamond chains.

This hydraulic diamond chainsaw is ideal for making small openings, even as small as 9 x 9cm and is a real favourite with utility companies requiring openings to be made in confined spaces. Another application this saw is often used for is the surgical removal of stonework without damaging the stone itself on historic buildings and structures.

Weight 6.8 kg

Depth of Cut / Number of Segments


Power Type

Power (kw)



  • Lightweight
  • Low Vibration
  • No fumes
  • Ideal in confined spaces
  • Small precision cuts

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