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Spitznas 213450010 Magnetic Drill & Tapping machine

The Spitznas 213450010 magnetic drill is a drilling/broaching machine with a mechanically operated magnetic base which can be used underwater and is also Atex approved.

The Spitznas 2 1345 0010 magnetic drill has been designed and developed to meet the demands of the offshore oil and gas industry as well as many other hazardous environments. This unique machine uses hydraulic power and a powerful 850Kg force magnet base which locks the machine down to the structure. It can be used for drilling with standard drill bits upto 31.75mm and then TCT broaching cutters upto 100mm diameter as well as tapping upto an M30 thread. The modular design with lightweight parts means it can easily be assembled by just one operator which makes it ideal for divers or in other areas where radiation limits the number of staff that can be in a specific location.

It is capable of drilling clean, accurate holes up to 100mm in diameter in metal up to 2″ thick, using well-proven broaching cutter technology to maximise potential drilling power and speed. The machine is designed for use with standard or tungsten carbide cutters. The drill head unit used a standard MT3 fitting and comes with both Weldon 19 and Weldon 32 adaptors, this also means there is a wide range of standard drill bits and taps available.

This drill can also be fitted with a water swivel adaptor to allow it to be fitted with 150mm long wet core bits for coring in concrete, stone or masonry upto 101mm in diameter.

The magnetic base uses rare earth magnets that is constantly active with a mechanical arm to release the base from the work piece. This makes it safe and secure to mount on a vertical surface to allow for accurate placement plus when the job is complete the magnet can be released with still enough force to support the weight of the unit removing the danger of it falling or the operator having to hold a heavy unit.

In addition there is the 2 1345 0020 model which has all the same functions and capability but has a more powerful 1500 Kg magnetic force.

Weight 21 kg

Power Type


  • Hydraulic motor for underwater applications
  • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion
  • Mechanically activated permanent magnetic base
  • Drill chuck attachment available
  • Powerful and secure magnetic hold

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