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Spitznas HD25 Underwater Hammer Drill SDS Plus

The Spitznas HD25 SDS Plus underwater hammer drill for subsea drilling in concrete, natural stone and masonry.

The HD25 2 2426 0010 underwater hammer drill is suitable for drilling in concrete, stone and masonry and with the hammer mechanism turned off it can drill in metal and wood. The Spitznas HD25 SDS Plus underwater hammer drill has the capacity to drill holes up to 25mm in diameter and is used by commercial divers for marine construction both inshore and offshore. In addition, we have sold this drill for tasks inland in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and swimming pools.

There are two models available but the preferred option is the one with a build in pressure control valve meaning that it can be fitted to most hydraulic power units without having to check or adjust the working pressure of the power pack. This HD25 PRV model is the tool of choice for tough jobs underwater drilling in rock, coral, concrete and masonry. In addition, this drill is Atex approved and has been supplied for use out of water as well as below water.

The Sptiznas HD25-PRV hammer drill comes complete with hose whips and flat face quick connect couplings.

Weight 8.2 kg

Power Type




SDS Plus

Hydraulic Flow lpm






Port Size


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