Hycon HPP18E FLex Electric Powered Hydraulic Power Pack

Hycon HPP18E FLEX 3 phase electric powered hydraulic power pack.

The HPP18E Flex hydraulic power pack is equipped with a 13.2 kW motor capable of delivering 20, 30 or 46 lpm. The flexibility of the flow range coupled with excellent working pressure makes the unit ideal for powering a wide range of concrete cutting tools such as core drills, ring saws, disc cutters and wire saws.

The Hycon HPP18E Flex Hydraulic Power Pack has pull out handles and a pair of solid wheels.

3 phase hydraulic power packs such as the Hycon HPP18E can be very useful for powering hydraulic saws and ring saws plus diamond chainsaws when working inside buildings for cellar or base ment alterations as well as larger projects such as converting factories or offices into flats and apartments .

This 3 phase electric power pack is also used to power underwater tools in areas where fumes are an issue such as nuclear power stations or on board vessels and even indoor swimming pools.

Weight 135 kg



Hydraulic Flow lpm




Dimensions (cm)

81 x 63 x 71


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