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Hycon HPP18E Hydraulic Power Pack – Electric

Hycon HPP18E hydraulic power pack – electric powered hydraulic power pack.

The Hycon HPP18E hydraulic power pack – electric comes with an 11-kW motor available in two versions: 30 lpm. or 40 lpm. Perfect for those professionals and companies specialised in concrete drilling, cutting and others. The HPP18E is equipped with a slow start function ensuring low start current, this helps educes the load during the start-up process.

It has an integrated oil cooler meaning it does not require water cooling, which is another great benefit especially when being used in the winter.

Though it has a powerful motor, the HPP18E is compact and easily transported in any van. In addition, it is extremely strong enabling it to work under the toughest of conditions. The motor and the electric box are approved for IP55 and IP54, respectively.

: £5,500.00 inc VAT
£4,149.60 inc VAT

Weight 135 kg



Hydraulic Flow lpm

30 or 40



Dimensions (cm)

81 x 63 x 71


  • Quiet & Powerful Operation
  • Wide wheels with soft tread for easy moving
  • Direct drive fan keeps the unit cool in hottest conditions
  • It’s also compact, making it easy to transport in any van

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