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Husqvarna DM540i Battery Powered Core Drill Motor

The Husqvarna DM540i battery powered core drill motor is handheld core drill for both dry and wet drilling.

The new battery powered Husqvarna DM540i core drill motor – cordless and optimised for handheld drilling.

DM 540i battery core drill motor fits into narrow corners, has low weight, is optimally balanced and easy to use for an even more productive workday. DM 540i battery drill motor is optimised for handheld drilling for most materials especially reinforced concrete with diameters up to Ø 75 mm/3 inches. Also suitable to mount on a DS 150 drill stand for diameters up to Ø 100 mm/4 inches. With new drill bit Elite-Drill D10 TW designed to enhance the performance of DM 540i and the utilisation of the battery’s power for a high-end drilling result.

The DM540i is part of a flexible system and is suitable for both wet drilling with the recommended WT15i water tank or dry cutting with DE 110i dust extractor, all run on the same Husqvarna BLi battery system.

Unit is supplied as machine only in a plywood box – Batteries and charger to be added separately

Table below shows expected results when wet drilling with a BLi300 battery fitted.
Drilling results may vary depending operator skills, ambient conditions, type of material and the quality of the diamond core drill bit and should be viewed as indicative only.
For this chart a DM 540i and a BLi300 battery was used, running the battery from fully charged to empty, with an Elite-Drill TW core drill bit for wet drilling.

Hole Diameter mm Concrete Slab (270mm no reinforcement) Number of holes 150mm LECA (590x150x190mm) Number of holes 150mm Cinder Block (390x150x167mm) Number of holes 150mm Brick (250x120x62mm) Number of holes 120mm
∅ 25 up to 12 holes up to 250 holes up to 65 holes up to 53 holes
∅ 50 up to 7 holes up to 200 holes up to 32 holes up to 40 holes
∅ 75 up to 5 holes up to 150 holes up to 16 holes up to 23 holes
∅ 100 (drill stand) up to 3 holes


from: £1,422.00 inc VAT

Motor Brushless Husqvarna motor
Output Power on spindle shaft 1350W
Recommended batteries BLi300
Spindle Thread Outer 1-1/4″ 7 UNC
Spindle Thread Inner 1/2″ G
Mechanical Gear 1 2
Spindle Speed E-Gear 1 (No Load) 770 rpm 2400 rpm
Spindle Speed E-Gear 2 (No Load) 1400 rpm 4450 rpm


  • Optimised for hand held drilling
  • Drill up to Ø 75mm hand held
  • Drill up to Ø 100mm with DS150 drill stand

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