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Husqvarna DMS240 Drill Stand & Motor

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The Husqvarna DMS 240 drill stand & motor is a combined electric core drill motor and stand system for a wide range of core drilling applications.

The Husqvarna DMS240 drill stand & motor is an ideal set up for lightweight to medium core drilling in walls, floors and roofs up to 250 mm diameter. The stand is easy to tilt, the back support provides reliable and stable angle drilling, saving you setup time. This system can be used for drilling ventilation and plumbing channels, waste evacuation pipes as well as barrier and road signs making it very versatile and productive piece of kit.

Available in 110v or 230v.

: from: £2,334.00 inc VAT
from: £1,668.00 inc VAT

Weight14 kg



Core Bit Fitting Size

1-1/4" UNC Thread

Maximum Travel


Power Type


110v, 230v

Power Output


  • Optimal feed speed – twin speed carriage feed
  • Overload protection – Increase productivity and protects drill
  • Easy to transport – Equipped with wheels
  • Angle drilling – Drilling holes in stepless adjustable angles.

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