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Spitznas CD10 Core Drill

The CD10 Spitznas core drill for drilling upto 160mm diameter holes in concrete, reinforced concrete and natual stone. Recommended land or marine and subsea environments.

This hydraulic core drill can be used hand held or in a drill stand for core drill bits upto 160mm in diameter and it has the advantage of being able to be used underwater and in hazardous areas where sparks are an issue.

There is a three speed gearbox to give the correct rpm for different core bit diameters ensuring the best performance. The gearbox gives 380/900/1800 rpm in stage 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

The CD10 core drill benefits from a trigger lock so when it is stand mounted the operator or diver can concentrate on the maximum productivity by controlling the drill stand carriage speed.



Power Type



Core Bit Fitting Size

Adaptor included for 1-1/4" UNC, 1/2" BSP Thread


Gear 1 – 380 rpm, Gear 2 – 900 lpm, Gear 3 – 1800 lpm


  • Low noise and high performance with increased diamond core bit life
  • Hydraulic operation allows the unit to be used in underwater applications
  • Quiet and spark free operation makes it ideal for use in hazardous environments

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