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Husqvarna Smart Concrete Poker

The Husqvarna Smart concrete poker high frequency vibrator / poker for intense work and maximum output.

The Husqvarna Smart concrete poker is a powerful system with an integrated, intelligent frequency converter developed for intense professional use. Any regular, single-phase wall socket with the appropriate voltage will suffice as power source. Just plug in and start working straight away. The high centrifugal force, stable speed and high amplitude contribute to efficient concrete vibration with fewer dips. 15 metres of cable + 5 metres of hose enable exceptional reach around the worksite.

A frequency of 12000 vpm across the smart series range ensures high centrifugal force, stable speed and high amplitude, excellent concrete vibration with fewer operator dips and with the 5m of hose and 15m of cable the Husqvarna Smart concrete poker gives you exceptional reach around the worksite. With built in frequency converters a standard power supply is all that is needed to start working. The in head motor design keeps the vibration where they belong and away from the operators hands. As these are electric unit this completely eliminates the fumes and results in less noise that when using the conventional petrol powered pokers. The built in converter is well protected from shock, vibration and overloading as it sits well away from the vibrating head.




: from: £1,913.88 inc VAT
from: £1,314.00 inc VAT

Smart Vibrator / Concrete Poker
Smart 40 Smart 48 Smart 56
Tube Diameter (mm) 40 48 56
Radius of Action (mm) 320 350 380
Frequency (vpm) 12000 12000 12000
Voltage 110v 110v 110v
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Amperage (A) 5 9 12.8
Hose Length (m) 5 5 5
Cable length (m) 15 15 15
Sound Power (LW dB(A)) 86 91 94
Vibration Values (m/s²) 4.62 5.87 2.47
Part Number 967855802 967855904 967856003


  • Ergonomic motor in head design
  • Radius of action of up to 12 x poker diameter
  • Built in frequency converter
  • 5m hose and 15m cable
  • 12000 vpm across the range

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