Husqvarna DS250 Drill Stand

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The DS250 is the smaller of the mid-range Husqvarna drill stands.

The Husqvarna DS250 drill stand is a lightweight stand, made of aluminium and has a combined base plate to enable both anchoring and vacuum fixing for fast and accurate setup. An ideal choice for core drilling applications up to 250 mm diameter. Being a light and compact stand it is easy to transport and install with the two-speed carriage gear box letting you choose crank speed for optimal performance, depending on application. Equipped with guide rollers for stable and accurate drilling as well as cleaner and straighter holes. Ideally suited to a wide range of drill motors including the DM220, DM280 and with the optional adaptor ring the DM230.

Suitable for drilling holes in walls, floors and ceilings in a range of materials from reinforced concrete, brick, blockwork and other masonry materials.

: £1,001.22 inc VAT
£690.00 inc VAT

Weight 16 kg



Maximum Travel



  • Versatile – Horizontal and vertical drilling
  • Angled drilling -Drilling holes in stepless adjustable angles.
  • Straight and accurate drilling – The carriage has guide rollers which help drill straight holes
  • Soft Grip Handle – Easy to transport

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