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Husqvarna WT2GO Water Tank

The Husqvarna WT2GO water tank is a compact and easy to use 14 liter constant pressure water tank.

It’s different to every other product on the market because it provides a constant water flow without the use of a pump, battery or electronics by using internal diaphragms. Simply fill the tank from any mains water supply then connect to a tool for water dust suppression or cooling.

Ideal for concrete cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete. Provides constant water flow without the use of a pump, battery or electronics. Dust suppression whilst cutting and drilling construction materials is becomming mandatory on the majority of construction sites.

An easy to use dust suppression tool and portable water supply.

– No Pump which means greater reliability

– No complicated electrics that breakdown

– No battery to go flat or loose

– No need to manually pump to get the water pressure you need

– With a 14 litre capacity and about 25 minutes of constant flowing water


In stock for dispatch

£294.00 inc VAT

Weight 6 kg

Dimensions mm - L x W x H

325 x 800 x 144


14 litre

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