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Stanley CO23 Underwater Cut off Saw

The Stanley CO23 underwater cut off saw can be used for cutting metal, concrete, stone and masonry.

The hydraulic CO23-341 saw is a high-powered underwater saw designed for dimensional cutting of metal or masonry materials such as concrete, structural steel and pipe. The Stanley CO23 underwater cut off saw can take either a 250mm standard abrasive disc, a diamond disc or TCT blades.

The saw features an adjustable shoe so that the depth of cut can be altered giving a maximum depth of cut of 80mm. This tool delivers accurate, controlled cutting. When fitted with the TCT blades the CO23 is extremely effective at cutting steel.

Weight 11 kg
Power Type



80mm Depth of Cut


25.4 Bore

Hydraulic Flow lpm


Optimum Flow






Port Size


  • Adjustable depth shoe plate
  • 80mm deep maximum cut
  • Wheel guard
  • Safety trigger

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