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Spitznas Pipe Cutting System & Beveller

The Spitznas Pipe Cutting system and bevelling machine is a modular system that is ideal for larger dimeter pipe cutting and chamfering.

Spitznas pipe cutting equipment for cutting and chamfering of pipes made of ductile and cast iron, concrete, cement, clay, plastic, PE, PVC, plastic foil coated material, non-ferrous metal and steel can cut up to 1600 mm diameter pipes.

The module-based pipe cutting equipment offers great flexibly due to it’s the handiness and the relatively low weight of the single components that can be built to suit a wide range of application and pipe diameters. The system can be supplied with a pneumatically or a hydraulically driven motor, there is a small range of blades to suit most pipe materials.

In addtion it even has the ability to make longitudinal cuts to further increase its flexibility.

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Power Type

Hydraulic Flow lpm



  • Faster, easier & safer than other methods.
  • Reduced excavation time to access pipe
  • Reduced labor required to dig under pipe
  • Single position cutting access up to 24” (60cm) Ø pipe,
  • No need to access the bottom of the pipe
  • Easier saw control, reduced operator effort during cutting
  • Improved operator safety due to access, control and reduced rotational force

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