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Husqvarna K770 Saw 12″ & 14″ Petrol Disc Cutter

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The Husqvarna K770 petrol disc cutter, 300mm (12″) or 350mm (14″) model, is a powerful all-round power cutter with features that make it one of the best power cutters on the market.

The K770 saw is incrementally better than the already excellent K760 it replaced. The Husqvarna K770 is equipped with semi-automatic SmartTension™ system which allows for optimal power transmission, minimum wear and maximum belt life. Improved digital ignition provides optimal timing and easy starting, heavier duty cutting arm improves strength and life and improved cooling in the cutting arm ensures extended life of the transmission components including the drive belt.

The light weight, outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the reliable start and exceptionally low vibrations of the Husqvarna K770 saw mean less strain and maximised productivity. The K770 petrol disc cutter can be used easily by hand but for longer runs can be used with the Husqvarna KV7 trolley. Suitable for road work and easy to cut in a straight or curved track or close to sidewalk when used with KV7 trolley.

One of the features of the Husqvarna K770 petrol disc cutter is the industry leading low hand arm vibration figure with it being less that 2.5m/s so even if you do need to do a lot of cutting by hand the Husqvarna K770 cut off saw is the power cutter to have. There is also an optional transport case.

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Model K770 12″ Model K770 14″ Model
MPN 967808601 967682101
Engine Air-cooled 2-stroke Air-cooled 2-stroke
Displacement 74 cm³ 74 cm³
Power 3.7kW 3.7kW
Bore Size 20mm 20mm/25.4mm
Maximum Blade Capacity 300mm 350mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 100mm 125mm
Weight (Machine Only) 9.9kg 10.1kg
Vibrations 2.4 m/s² 2.4 m/s²

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