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Fein CG 15-125 BL Brushless Angle Grinder

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The Fein CG 15-125 BL Brushless Angle Grinder

The Fein CG 15-125 BL brushless angle grinder is dust-resistant, powerful, low-maintenance and long-life compact angle grinder with brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor for effective cutting, grinding and deburring work in tough working environments.

The fully enclosed brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor provides the perfect protection from aggressive ceramic and mineral dusts. Sooner or later, these dusts will destroy universal motors. The new innovative FEIN motor concept reliably prevents this from happening and thereby extends the tool’s life by more than 60%.

The technology in the FEIN PowerDrive motor manages without carbon brushes. This translates into fewer wearing parts, longer service intervals and lower maintenance costs. The extremely efficient 1500 W motor consumes 200 W less power and yet is more effective than a 1700 W universal motor, which cuts energy costs.

Almost a third of all reportable accidents at work fall into the category of manually-operated power tools caused by angle grinders.* FEIN angle grinders of the CG 15 product line with extensive user protection minimise risks for the user. This keeps staff safe and allows you to plan processes. Costs and work loads can be calculated.

A weight of 2.2 kg with an output power of 1050 W produce an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Narrow grip dimensions, the compact design and a good balance ensure the most fatigue-free working possible in tough everyday professional use.

Although these machines may have a higher initial purchase price they will more than make up for it in their lifetime. While other comparable grinders may be cheaper to buy initially, they will need brush changes throughout their life, which means down time and more costs bringing the overall costing of the machine well over the price of the Fein machines.

Machine includes: 1 wheel guard, 1 anti-vibration handle, 1 x protective cover for cutting work, 1 Tool-free quick-clamping nut, 1 key

Also available with dead mans switch CG 15-125 BLP

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Machine supplied with 3 year warranty

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: £489.28 inc VAT
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 Input Power  1500 W
 Output Power  1050 W
 Motor  Brushless
 Speed, no load.  3,500 – 9,000 rpm
 Disc Capacity  125 mm
 Flange  M14
 Weight  2.2 kg


  • Outstanding service life thanks to brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor with fully enclosed motor housing and motor electronics fitted separately.
  • Optimum protection for the motor from aggressive ceramic and mineral dusts and therefore reduction in downtimes and maintenance costs.
  • Comprehensive user protection provided by soft start, restart protection, blockage monitoring, electronic overload protection, speed preselection, kick-back monitoring, anti-vibration handle and brake.
  • Optimum cooling and temperature monitoring.
  • Weighs just 2.2 kg with an output power of 1050 W for an excellent power-to-weight ratio.
  • Quick-clamping nut included in scope of supply for changing grinding materials in a matter of seconds and without the need for any tools.
  • Fatigue-free working thanks to narrow grip dimensions, compact design and a well-balanced low weight.
  • Industrial cable H07, length 4m.

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