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Fein Li-Ion 18v Battery Starter Sets

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The Fein 18v Battery Starter Sets.

The  Fein Standard battery starter sets are suitable for all machines using the standard Fein 18v interface

Consists of 2 x Li-Ion batteries with ALG 80 BC rapid charger.

Bluetooth® connectivity for linking to your mobile device and use with the my.FEIN app. Shows the current battery charge status and the number of charge cycles undertaken to date on your smartphone or tablet. Provides notification when the battery is fully charged. Short charge times thanks to the high charge current of 8 A and process-controlled charge management. Large LED display with charge indicator and USB port for mobile charging of small electronic devices. For all FEIN Li-Ion batteries.

Short charge times thanks to the high charge current of 8 A, active air cooling and process-controlled charge management. User-friendly and space-saving thanks to fixture for coiling the mains cable. Charging times to (80 % of max. capacity): 18 V 3.0 Ah: 31 min, 18 V 6.0 Ah: 38 min, 18 V 5.2 Ah: 33 min.

Available as 3.0Ah set, 6.0Ah set or 5.2Ah HighPower set depending on your needs

Supplied with 3 year warranty

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