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Aceti Art 01 Edge Chamfering Machine

The Aceti Art 01 edge chamfering machine. (Shown with optional auto feed unit)

The Aceti Art 01 edge chamfering machine has a twin speed motor allowing for chamfering of different materials using a cutter with 10 indexable tips.

With a capacity to handle plate of many different thicknesses due to the open feed channel or between 5 and 50 mm and a maximum weight of 35kg with the optional auto feed unit fitted.

The unit has variable angles of cut from – 15 to 45 degrees. The art 01 will cut chamfers of up to 8mm and also chamfer radii of between 2 and 8mm with the appropriate cutter fitted

Additional cutters are available to take either 12 or 24 tips

Aceti machines are some of the most robust machines on the market.

Model Art 01
Voltage 415 v
Power  2.2 kW
Cutter Speed 1400 – 2800 rpm
Chamfer size 0 – 8mm
Chamfer Angle 15 – 45 degrees
Weight kg 210
Dimensions (cm) 70 x 100 x 130

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