890 Underwater Diamond Chainsaw

The 890 underwater diamond chainsaw is used with great success to cut coral, concrete and natural stone in a range of jobs from harbour and marine works through to specialist offshore applications.

890 underwater diamond chainsaw is based on the land tool but is used in the water utility industry and by commercial dive companies who use it with great success to cut stone, masonry and concrete well as cutting coral. The 890 saw has a quiet, smooth and service free hydraulic motor with a rugged body plus an easy to change drive sprocket, making it engineered to stand up to the toughest of jobs.

Available with different length guidebar and chains to give 25cm, 38cm, 50cm and even upto 63cm depth of cut using the superior Force4 diamond chains or the Crosslink diamond chains with one suitable for every application. Whether it is for modifying structures, altering buildings or cutting concrete sewer culverts the 890 diamond chainsaw and the ICS diamond chains are the best solution for any underwater concrete or stone cutting.

Weight 10.6 kg

Depth of Cut / Number of Segments

25cm, 38cm, 50cm, 63cm

Power Type

Power (kw)



  • Cuts reinforced concrete, masonry, block and stone
  • Wet Cutting ONLY – No hazardous dust
  • Makes square cuts with no over-cuts, thereby maintaining structural integrity
  • Can plunge cut very small openings
  • Cuts through walls from one side. No need to match up cuts on both sides of the wall
  • Safe and easy to use – No rotational kickback

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