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Spitznas Electric Reciprocating Saw 512150070

This is the Spitznas electric reciprocating saw 5 1215 0070 and is ideal for a wide range applications including the utility, nuclear industry and other hazardous industries.

The Spitznas electric reciprocating saw 5 1215 0070 has ATEX approval for the mining, nuclear and utility industry. The cutting speed of this electrically driven reciprocating saw is infinitely adjustable, by which the saw is ideal for cutting plastics. These reliable reciprocating saws offer excellent cutting performance in a range of materials and operate in the toughest of environments.  These saws features an electric drive and a infinitely adjustable speed control.

We also stock a range of blades for these reciprocating saw. Please see the list below in the download section. Please email or call with you enquiry and we will be able to advise you.


Part No Housing Material Value Power Rated Voltage Protection Class Degree of Protection Frequency Number of strokes Stroke Length Noise Level LpA Vibration Level Weight
KW V Hz rpm mm dB(A) m/s 2 kg
512150070 Aluminium Button 1.2 110 II IP20 40-60 60-500 60 80 3 7.5
Subject to technical change. Performance data at an operating pressure of 140 bar.


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