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Fein KBE 36 Magspeed Endurance Magnetic Core Drill

The Fein KBE 36 Magspeed  Endurance Magnetic Core Drill for holes up to 36mm with Carbide core drill bits.

The NEW Fein KBE 36 Magspeed is a small and lightweight single-speed endurance magnetic core drill offering unique performance and service life even under the most challenging conditions in the workshop and on the construction site. With a brushless motor and cutting speeds of up to 70m/min you can drill up to twice as many holes in the same amount of time.

Best suited for use with Carbide Core Drill Bits

Capable of core drilling up to 36 mm using Carbide core bits and 20mm with HSS core bits.

Includes: Core Drill, Coolant Tank, Lashing Strap, 1 x Centring pin, Contact guard, Hex Keys & socket, Case.

Available in 110 & 240 v.

Machine supplied with 3 year warranty

3 Year Warranty image

: £1,307.46 inc VAT
£900.00 inc VAT

Voltage 110v / 240v
Motor Type Brushless
Motor Input 1600 w
Motor Output 1200 w
Speed, Full Load 620 rpm
Speed, No Load 620 m/min
Cutter Capacity HSS 20 mm
Cutter Capacity Carbide 36 mm
Core Drilling Max Depth 50 mm
Core Drill Holder 3/4″ Weldon
Stroke 107 mm
Magnetic Holding Power 10,000 N
Magnetic Foot Dimensions 175 x 80 mm
Cable 3 M
Weight according to EPTA 11.00 Kg


  • Twice the productivity combined with the perfect result: drilling times are halved, the work process is sped up. Thanks to rapid work progress, you can drill up to 60 holes rather than the 30 that used to be possible in the same time.
  • Outstanding cutting performance that has never been seen before thanks to stable speed and torque curve with cutting speeds of up to 70 m/min – ideal for carbide core drill bits.
  • Unique durability for up to 240 000 holes thanks to the extremely low-wear machine concept with brushless 1600 W high-power motor and internal drill motor cable routing!
  • Intuitive operating concept translates into good accessibility in tight spots.
  • Convenient magnetic holding force display.
  • Tilt sensor stops the drill motor when the tool slips or tilts.
  • Integrated coolant tank.
  • Feed handwheel can be moved from one side to the other without any tools.
  • Slot for 5 mm hexagon socket wrench on the tool itself.
  • Personal safety switch.

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