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Fein AMPShare GBA Battery Starter Sets

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The Fein AMPShare GBA Battery Starter Sets.

The NEW Fein AMPShare GBA battery starter sets are suitable for all machines using the AMPShare or Bosch Professional 18v battery interface.

2 x Li-Ion batteries with GAL 18-80 CV AS rapid charger.

The GBA batteries have a charge Electronic Charge Protection (ECP) protects the battery from overheating and total discharge. The COOLPACK 1.0 technology ensures a  longer battery life compared to non COOLPACK technology batteries and therefore makes longer  operating periods possible.

Short charge times thanks to the high charge current of 8 A, active air cooling and process-controlled charge management. User-friendly and space-saving thanks to fixture for coiling the mains cable. Charging times to (80 % of max. capacity): GBA 18 V 2.0 Ah: 15 min, GBA 18 V 4.0 Ah: 25 min, GBA 18 V 5.0 Ah: 35 min.

Available as 2.0Ah set or 5.0Ah set depending on your needs

AMPShare battery technology powered by Bosch

Supplied with 3 year warranty

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