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Fein QuickIN Drill Accessories

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FEIN QuickIN Drill accessories

The FEIN QuickIN Drill accessories enable a rapid, tool-free change between drilling, tapping and screwdriving applications in metal. The attachments are optimally designed for the relevant task and offer more reliability and precision than conventional solutions.

Angled Head – 64203008010
Metal angled head for drilling, tapping and screwdriving in confined spaces. All FEIN QuickIN accessories such as drill chucks, bit holders or socket adapters can be attached to the angled head.

Hole Saw Adaptor – 64203007010
To drill large holes in metal. Suitable for all FEIN carbide hole saws and core drills with QuickIN PLUS holder. Perfectly suited to diameters of up to 40 mm. Supplied with centring bit only.

QuickIN Tapping Head – 64203027010
Tap up to M14 with integrating reversing gear for rotational changes. Compatible with all QuickIN tapping adaptors.

Eccentric Drive Head – 64203026010
Accurate drilling and screw connections. Minimum spacing from work pieces. 1/4″ bit holder.

QuickIN Tek Screw Head
Depth stop for screwing without compromises. Sink each screw to exactly the same depth. Maximum adjustment range 12 mm with 0.25 mm per detent for accurate usability. Unique worldwide: Additional screw-in sleeves for screws with sealing washers up to 28 mm in diameter are available.

1/4″ Bit Holder – 60510222010
1/4 in hexagon socket bit holder with convenient one-handed operation and powerful neodymium magnet. Use of the bit holder makes the screwdriver lighter and shorter.

1/2″ Square Drive Socket Adaptor – 64203002010
Socket adapter to hold sockets with 1/2 in square holder.

Tapping Adaptor – 64203003020
Reliable thread drill hold on the square, preventing slipping. Compatible with all FEIN collets.

Tapping Adaptor Set – 64203003010
Tapping adapter with 2 collets for shank diameter of 4.5 mm and 6 mm to cut thread sizes M4 / M5 / M6 / M8. Reliable thread drill hold on the square, preventing slipping.

SKE Drill Chuck – 64203006010
Solid metal drill chuck from Röhm with flat jaws and automatic re-tensioning. Prevents twist drills and threading drills from slipping. Clamping range of 1.5 – 13 mm. High concentricity of up to 0.35 mm for precise working.

60Nm Drill Chuck – 63208002010
Small solid metal drill chuck from Röhm, maximum torque 60 Nm.

120Nm Drill Chuck – 63208005010
Solid metal drill chuck from Röhm with carbide-tipped clamping jaws and high clamping forces. Screwdriver bit may remain in the drive shaft, the drill chuck moves above the bit. Maximum torque 120 Nm.

QuickIN Accessory Set – 64203031010
Accessory set in case comprising of:  1/4″ bit holder, 1/2″ socket adaptor, Tapping adaptor set, Eccentric drive & Angled head.

QuickIN Accessory Set for Metal – 64203017020
Accessory set comprising of:  1/4″ bit holder, 1/2″ socket adaptor, Tapping adaptor set

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