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Aceti Art 141 Edge Chamfering Machine

The Aceti Art 141 edge chamfering machine.

The Aceti Art 141 edge chamfering machine has a reversible motor allowing for chamfering in either direction using a milling cutter . Material is removed in a controllable manner without any debris spaying all over the workshop due to the cutting motion used to remove the material.

With a capacity to handle plate between 5 to 60mm thick and a 30mm cut capacity at 30 degrees and pipe of a minimum internal diameter of 180 mm, this should handle most chamfering needs.

The unit has variable angles of cut – 22.5, 30, 37.5, 45 and 52.5 degrees.

Machine is supplied on a height adjustable carriage. the carriage can be raised between 420 to 800mm to allow for perfect lining up of the work an pre existing benches.

The machine automatically feeds the work though and will feed itself along large plate with the supplied carriage.

Aceti machines are some of the most robust machines on the market.

Model Art 141
Voltage 415 v
Power  2400 Nm
Cutter Speed 2.3 m/min
Pipe Int Diameter Min 180 mm
Sheet Capacity Thickness 5 – 60 mm
Weight kg 600
Dimensions (cm) 97 x 85 x 100

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