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Spitznas Pneumatic Mobile Axial Fan 300m Diameter

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Spitznas pneumatic mobile axial fan with 300 mm nominal diameter for various ventilation work.

The Spitznas pneumatic mobile axial fans are highly efficient, explosion-proof pneumatic powered units. These axial fans and air movers are ideal for ventilating, exhausting and cooling in applications such as ship holds, underground mining, shipyards, refineries, petrochemical plants, oil platforms, power plants, tunneling, sewers, construction and more.

Atex approved and non Atex approved models available.

Part NoAtex SpecLengthMax PressureAir ConsumptionVolume FlowNoise LevelWeight
8 1601 030035050.580.788713
8 1602 030035051.1618513
8 1603 030037050.580.788514
8 1611 0300II2GExhIIBT6Gb35050.450.5785.713
8 1613 0300II2GExhIIBT6Gb38050.450.5785.714.5


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