Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose Sets

EC Hopkins offer thermoplastic hydraulic hose sets that offer near neutral boyancy which are beneficially for a number of underwater applications and the recommended hoses for the hull cleaning equipment.

Lightweight thermoplastic hose sets with neutral buoyancy that are designed to be used with the hull cleaning range of equipment and can also be beneficial in other situations. These hose sets can be supplied in 25m and 50m lengths.  As well and the neutral bouyancy their lightweight construction helps with transportation and deployment.

The bore of the pressure and return hose are optimised depending on the hydraulic flow and length of the hose set to ensure the best performance from the tools. Hose sets with too small a bore size will cause an issue with tools, especially on tools such as breakers, hammer drills and chipping hammers.

Contact us with your requirement and we can advise on the correct hose specification for your needs.

Weight 75 kg

Power Type

Hydraulic Flow lpm







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