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Spitznas Underwater Grinder 230mm (9″) 120600010

The Spitznas underwater grinder (120600010) is 9″ (230mm) tool perfect for projects that need a high level of precision and control when cutting, grinding and cleaning a wide range of materials.

It features a safety level control with starting lock providing better safety for the user. The 1 2060 0010 Spitznas underwater grinder features ergonomic primary handle and removable second handle brings added stability. Can be used in compact spaces with high removal rates, the grinder prevents over speeding and limits user fatigue.

In addition to cutting grinding metal, plastic and other materials the 1 2060 1010 Spitznas underwater grinder can be used by commercial divers to clean off barnacles or marine growth from of the hull of the ships and propellers

Part number 1 2060 0010
Energy source Hydraulic
Operating pressure 90-140 bar
Valve type Lever valve
Max. disc dia. (underwater operation) 230.00 mm
Tool holder/thread 22.20 / 5/8-11UNC mm
Volume flow 20-45 l/min
Power 3.50 kW
Speed (free) 3,600 rpm
Connection SAE Port No.8 (3/4x16UNF-2B) mm
Vibration level 3.0 m/s²
Weight 5.8 Weight


  • Wide safety lever control with starting lock for improved user safety
  • Protective shroud rotates 360 degrees
  • 3600 RPM at 12 GPM
  • Ergonomic primary handle and removable second handle for added stability
  • For grinding discs up to 9″

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