Single Brush Hull Cleaning Tool

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Hydraulically driven hand held brush hull cleaning tool.

This hand held hydraulic tool is specifically designed for hull cleaning and is ideally suited to smaller areas or where access is limited, notably around the stern area. There is a range of brushes to suit this single brsuh hull cleaning tool.

The optional polishing adaptor will convert the tool for propeller polishing operations and there is a range of pads available for different finishes, all of which can be attached using simple velcro attachments. A shaft adaptor kit is also available that adds a 16mm chuck which can then be used with a variety of attachments such as drills and grinding discs.

The tool is provided with a guarded on/off trigger. A spring detent can be used to lock the trigger in the on position that can easily be released by the diver.

Weight 75 kg

Power Type

Hydraulic Flow lpm







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